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Insurance Rock Band

Potts on the Road

We've been playing a lot of insurance shows out on the road, been really cool to get out and meet some people close by, and even a little further away. We met up with many insurance agents some that were very interested in sponsorship opportunities for the first insurance centered rock band. We got some hometown shows coming up, back to Yogi's again on Dingus Day, and a possible CD release party April 9th at Fester's. There is a lot of people working on this thing, but it'd be great to have it all put together and ready to go by then. When we do get it out we'll let you know, for sure.

Besides that, we just thought it was time for an update... Everyone check out Loyal Family, in St. Louis, MO. they're throwing a tight festival around the beginning of march, Zoe Jam. Hope they have a nice entertainment insurance policy for the event and their movie / film production - See Ya' at the show!!


Probably the coolest festival in these parts, Summercamp is going on and P-Potts is up for voting. Check out Jay TV and look on the right for a voting tool/mechanism. If you want to see P-Potts there, toss up a vote!! Thanks y'all promoting our insurance rock band. Then get ready for the premium financing - finance convention and watch us blast the crowd away.

Back to School Bash

Scope the pics!! freshly updated from new year's eve.

Little while since an update, just wanted to let everyone know that our Yogi's show is gonna be $1 admission, with 50¢ well drinks and Budweisers, certainly a lot cheaper then a paraiba tourmaline. We're stoked, it'll be almost 3 weeks since we've had a show!!

We also got moved into a new practice space, and the album is coming together awesome. February is shaping up to be be a cold month, but we're really excited about the stuff we've got coming up. See you at the shows!

Happy New year

What up everyone?? We had a great new year's party, thanks to everyone for making it out, especially all the out of towners we hadn't seen in a long time. We'd been holed up in the studio for a while, and it was awesome to get out there and play a show, having people yelling and screaming.

We hope everyone was safe and didn't need 2 days to recover... We got a lot of stuff brewing for the next year, and we're pretty excited about it all. See you at the shows

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